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Applied Anatomy and Practical Techniques for Neck Pain

Date 15/10/2017


It's Not Rocket Science: Applied Anatomy and Practical Techniques for Neck Pain.

Our hands are always in contact with the skin and fascia of the neck. But how well do we know what lies beneath? There is more to just treating the upper trapezius. Why do we avoid the anterior neck? In this workshop, we will review the anatomy of the cervical spine and how it should work in an ideal world.

Improved palpation of the anatomy and understanding the risks to avoid will give depth to our practice, a refreshed view on our strategy to the treatment of cervical pain and its associated pathologies such as TMJ, carpal tunnel, thoracic outlet syndrome and radicular pain.

Better Anatomy, Better Palpation will give us Better Practice.

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Non-Members: $207.00

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